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Aller G3 Omega3 Fatty Acid Liquid (8 oz) Pump


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Aller G3 is most economical method of dosing high levels of Omega3's. Each 8oz. bottle is equivalent to 219 medium breed capsules. Greater value improves client compliance. Ideal for multiple pet households. Available in 8oz. Economy Size.Direction: Administer supplement to pet's food once per day. Animal Weight Recommended Daily Dose 89 lbs (3.68.6 kg) 1/2 pump 2039 lbs (917.7 kg) 1 pump 4059 lbs (1826.8 kg) 2 pumps 6079 lbs (2736 kg) 3 pumps 80100 lbs (36.445 kg) 4 pumps Each Pump contains 1 ml