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Hydra Pearls Rehydrating Shampoo for Dogs Cats (1 Gal)


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Micro Pearls Advantage HydraPearls Shampoo is a remarkable breakthrough in animal care technology. HydraPearls Shampoo contains microtargeted Novasome microvesicles designed to deliver longlasting moisture factors to the hairshafts and epidermal layers. The result is a healthy, lustrous coat that is cleaned and moisturized. Safe for use on dogs, cats and horses.Indications A pH balanced, conditioning shampoo for routine cleansing and moisturizing of normal, dry or sensitive skin. Counteracts the drying effects of the environment, as well as the drying effects of flea control products and medicated shampoos. May be used prior to the application of Micro Pearls Advantage medicated shampoos as directed by your veterinarian. Ingredients Contains Novasome encapsulated moisturizers in a pH balanced concentrated shampoo base.