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Vet Classics Bladder Support (60 chewable tablets)


Vet Classics Bladder Support (60 chewable tablets) AllNatural Bladder Support For Your Dog Vet Classics manufactures vitamins and supplements to promote the health of pets with some focus on joint health and skin and coat products. They also offer calming and training aids, in addition to specialty products for easing the symptoms of common household pet maladies. They are known particularly for their products which are available strictly through veterinarians. Vet Classics Bladder Support, available in 60 chewable tablets, is made from many natural ingredients to decrease the occurrence of incontinence and to support the urinary and bladder systems. The ingredient list includes cranberry extract which strengthens the immune systems and marshmallow root which aids in maintaining bladder control. Other important ingredients include pumpkin seed, wild yam root, Oregon grape root, and other natural ingredients. Benefits Veterinarian formulated Boosts the immune system Improves control of the urinary and bladder functions