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Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (4 oz)


Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (4 oz) Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (4 oz) delivers a powerful combination of concentrated enzymes and probiotics designed to aid in promoting healthy digestion in pets. Safe for dogs and cats over 6 weeks, this Vet Classics supplement is derived completely from vegetable sources not from animals. Enzymes and Probiotics for Optimum Health Recent studies suggest that supplementing a pet's food with enzymes and probiotics may be beneficial in building a balanced digestive system that is more effective in fighting off infection and disease. In addition, these supplements may also help to eliminate certain types of uncomfortable digestive symptoms common in dogs and cats. Made with natural, live microorganisms and beneficial digestive enzymes such as alphaamylase, protease, cellulase, and lipase, Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics is specially formulated to help your pet feel better and stay healthy. Benefits Easily mixes with pet's regular food Helps to improve digestive function Strengthens immune system Safe and effective Improves nutrient absorption