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Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (8oz)


Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (8 oz) Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics (8 oz) is a concentrated combination of natural enzymes and viable probiotic microorganisms. Made from all natural plant sources not from animals, Vet Classics supplements are both safe and effective. Supports a Healthy Digestive System Vet Classics Enzymes Probiotics offers a beneficial blend of ingredients specifically designed to build and maintain your pet's healthy digestive system. It contains alphaamylase for the breakdown of starches, protease to hydrolyze proteins, and cellulase and lipase to hydrolyze cellulose and triglycerides. It also provides healthy probiotics designed to balance the bacteria in your pet's intestinal system for improved immune function and better digestion. Benefits Made from natural vegetable sources Safe for animals 6 weeks and older Aids in digestion Supports the absorption of nutrients Easy to use Especially beneficial after illness or deworming