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Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating (90 soft chews)


Discourage a Nasty Canine Habit If your dog has a nasty habit of eating his or her own stool, he or she is not alone. This surprisingly common, yet disturbing canine habit is often known as coprophagia. This habit is often made manifest in puppies, although many outgrow it within their first year. There can be a variety of factors which lead to coprophagia, and a single solution to the problem has not been found. However, many dog owners use Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets (90 soft chews) to discourage coprophagia. These timereleased soft chew tablets are uniquely designed to discourage unpleasant stool eating in dogs. For more information on stool eating, consult a veterinarian. Benefits Safe for dogs Soft, chewable tablets Timereleased formula Discourages dogs from consuming their own stool